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Seeks Positions Featuring Attractive and Sustainable Multi-Year Return Profiles Underpinned by Businesses Perceived to Possess:

  • Attractive Valuation
  • Superior Financial Returns and Visible Reinvestment Opportunities
  • Talented Management


  • Qualitative and Quantitative Screens Identify Opportunities
  • Emphasis on Proprietary Primary Research and Due Diligence
  • Candidates and Holdings Continuously Vetted by Investment Team to Optimize Risk/Reward


Colin R. Ducharme
Colin R. Ducharme, CFA ®

Executive Director

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All Performance as of 06.30.2019

QTR YTD 1 Year 3 Years Since Inception*
Focus (Gross) 11.05 34.44 21.76 27.15 22.64
Russell 3000® 4.10 18.71 8.98 14.02 13.07

*Performance inception date is 12.31.2015. Index is Russell 3000®. Performance is preliminary and is annualized for periods longer than one year. Net of fees performance returns are presented net of the investment management fees and trading expenses. “Pure” Gross of fees performance returns do not reflect the deduction of any fees including trading costs; a client’s return will be reduced by the management fees and other expenses it may incur. Investment management fees are described in Sterling’s Form ADV 2A. Performance reflects the reinvestment of interest income and dividends and realized capital gains. The performance presented represents past performance and is no guarantee of future results. Performance is compared to an index, however, the volatility of an index varies greatly and investments cannot be made directly in an index. Market conditions vary from year to year and can result in a decline in market value due to material market or economic conditions. The Performance and Portfolio Characteristics is considered Supplemental Information to the Composite Disclosure Presentation which is attached. Source: Russell Investments, FactSet, Sterling Capital Management Analytics.


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Focus Equity Fact Sheet
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