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Quality Income Fund

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Quality Income Fund

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Michael Sun, CFA®

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Jeffrey Ormsby, CFA®

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Byron Mims, CFA®








Investment Min.1


Max. Up Front
Sales Charge


Max. Deferred
Sales Charge


1If subsequent investments are made as part of an AIP, the minimum is $25.

Philosophy & Process

In managing the fund, the portfolio management team employs a multi-faceted approach to generate excess return and uses a combination of top-down and bottom-up analysis, quantitative vs. qualitative analysis and fundamentals vs. valuation. There is a strong emphasis on risk management and an adherence to certain core investment beliefs:

  • "If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it."
  • Avoid unintended exposures
  • Average duration around 2 to 5 years with focus on high quality and risk management
  • Participate in longer term trends - don't buy on short-term trends or try to time what is going on in the market
  • Attempts to achieve risk-adjusted performance over time

Investment Considerations

The fund is subject to the same risks as the underlying bonds in the portfolio such as credit, prepayment, call and interest rate risk. As interest rates rise the value of bond prices will decline. The fund may invest in more aggressive investments such as foreign securities which may expose the fund to currency and exchange rate fluctuations; derivatives (futures and swaps); mortgage backed securities sensitive to interest rates and high yield debt (also known as junk bonds), all of which may cause greater volatility and less liquidity. Derivatives may be more sensitive to changes in market conditions and may amplify risks.

Fund Facts

Term Class A Shares Class C Shares Class I Shares
Inception Date 02.01.201302.01.201302.01.2013
Investment Min. $1,000$1,000$1,000,000
Subsequent Investment Min.2 N/AN/AN/A
Max. Up Front Sales Charge 2%N/AN/A
Max. Deferred Sales Charge N/A1%N/A

2If subsequent investments are made as part of an AIP, the minimum is $25.

Quality Income Fund


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Photo of Michael  Sun

Michael Sun, CFA®

Co-Portfolio Manager

Photo of Jeffrey  Ormsby

Jeffrey Ormsby, CFA®

Co-Portfolio Manager

Photo of Byron  Mims

Byron Mims, CFA®

Co-Portfolio Manager


Fund Performance as of 03.31.2023

Term QTR YTD 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years 10 Years Since Inception
A Shares with 2.00% Sales Charge 0.21% 0.21% -5.20% -2.55% 0.28% 1.03% 1.53%
A Shares without Sales Charge 2.25% 2.25% -3.31% -1.88% 0.68% 1.24% 1.71%
Institutional Shares 2.20% 2.20% -3.16% -1.70% 0.91% 1.49% 1.92%
Lipper U.S. Mortgage Median 2.51% 2.51% -5.20% -2.63% 0.11% 0.86% N/A

The gross expense ratios for Class A, C and I Shares are 0.88%, 1.63% and 0.63%, respectively. The net expense ratios for Class A, C and I Shares are 0.84%, 1.59% and 0.59%, respectively.

The Advisor has contractually agreed to limit certain fees paid by the Fund from February 1, 2021 through January 31, 2022. Performance would have been lower without limitations in effect.

Past performance does not guarantee future results. The performance data quoted represents past performance and current returns may be lower or higher. The investment return and principal value of an investment will fluctuate so that an investor's shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than the original cost. To obtain performance information current to the most recent month end, please visit the performance summary.

The performance of the Securitized Opportunities Fund reflects the deduction of fees for value-added services associated with a mutual fund, such as investment management and fund accounting fees. The inception date for Class A Shares is 02.01.2013. The inception date for Class C Shares is 02.01.2013. The inception date for Class Inst'l Shares is 02.01.2013. Performance for Class A Shares, Class C Shares and Institutional Shares for periods prior to inception on February 1, 2013 is based on performance of Class S Shares of the Fund which were re-designated as Institutional Shares as of February 1, 2013. Class A Shares, Class C Shares and Institutional Shares of the Fund would have substantially similar performance because the Shares are invested in the same portfolio of securities and the performance would differ only to the extent that the Classes have different expenses. The performance shown reflects the reinvestment of all dividend and capital gains distributions.


Quality Breakdown as of 03.31.2023

Credit quality ratings using Moody's rating symbols reflect the credit quality of the underlying bonds in the fund portfolio and not of the Fund itself. Moody's assigns a range of ratings from AAA being the highest quality to C being the lowest rated class of bonds. Securities not rated by Moody's may be rated by S&P, Fitch or if no agency rating is available, the Fund will assign a rating of not rated. Bond quality ratings are subject to change.

Effective Duration Breakdown as of 03.31.2023

Name Value
0-1 Yr. 11.0
1-2 Yr. 8.0
2-3 Yr. 7.0
3-5 Yr. 26.0
5-10 Yr. 42.0
10+ Yrs. 3.0

Current and future portfolio holdings are subject to change and risk. Based on Market Value of securities.

Summary Statistics as of 03.31.2023

Name Value
Number of Holdings 237
Average Life 6.73 Years
Effective Duration 4.80 Years
Annual Turnover 16%

Portfolio Composition as of 03.31.2023

Composition Fund Index
Corporate 0.5% 0.0%
    Industrial 0.5% 0.0%
Securitized 94.2% 100.0%
    ABS 16.8% 0.0%
    CMBS 22.4% 0.0%
    CMO 19.0% 0.0%
    MBS Passthrough 35.9% 100.0%
Treasury 4.6% 0.0%
    Treasury 4.6% 0.0%
[Cash] 0.2% 0.0%
    [Cash] 0.2% 0.0%

Top Ten Holdings as of 03.31.2023

# Company Name Value
1 U.S. Treasury 2.375% 15-Feb-2042 2.12%
2 Fnma 30Yr Pool#Fs1976 4.000% 01-Aug-2051 1.51%
3 Avis Budget Rental Car Funding Aesop Llc 1.46%
4 Fhlmc 30Yr Pool#Sd1515 4.500% 01-Aug-2052 1.38%
5 Hertz Vehicle Financing Iii Series 2021-2 1.68% 25-Dec-2027 1.34%
6 Fhlmc 30Yr Pool#Qf8052 5.500% 01-Feb-2053 1.19%
7 Freddie Mac Remics 1.17%
8 Benchmark 2020-B21 Mortgage Trust 1.978% 17-Dec-2053 1.17%
9 Fhlmc 30Yr Pool#Sd1727 5.000% 01-Nov-2052 1.16%
10 Fnma, Series 2013-30, Class Py 1.16%

Current and future portfolio holdings are subject to change and risk. Based on Market Value of securities.

Growth of $10,000 as of 03.31.2023

The Growth of $10,000 is hypothetical based upon the performance of net A Shares at NAV for the period ended 03.31.2023. It includes the reinvestment of dividends and capital gains.


Monthly Dividend Distribution as of 05.31.2023

Month Class A Shares Class C Shares Class Inst'l Shares
May 2023 $0.0208 $0.0154 $0.0228
April 2023 $0.0202 $0.0151 $0.0221
March 2023 $0.0201 $0.0145 $0.0220
February 2023 $0.0194 $0.0146 $0.0211
January 2023 $0.0187 $0.0134 $0.0207
December 2022 $0.0186 $0.0135 $0.0205
November 2022 $0.0180 $0.0133 $0.0199
October 2022 $0.0175 $0.0125 $0.0194
September 2022 $0.0159 $0.0110 $0.0177
August 2022 $0.0164 $0.0111 $0.0184
July 2022 $0.0160 $0.0108 $0.0180
June 2022 $0.0155 $0.0105 $0.0174

30-Day SEC Yield as of 05.31.2023

Share Class Without Waivers With Waivers
Class A 2.80% 2.84%
Class C 2.08% 2.12%
Class I 3.10% 3.14%

Fixed Income Funds


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05.22.2023 • Andrew Richman, CTFA

Sterling Capital Viewpoint: The Debt Ceiling

Our view on the current market environment in light of the upcoming debt ceiling deadline.

05.05.2023 • Charles Wittmann, CFA®

The Lead - "Perspective on Quality and Dividend Growth"

- In our study, we took a closer look at the characteristics that we believe were additive to performance for the trailing time periods ended December 31, 2022. - BofA Global Research provided data for the performance of ROE over these timeframes, and it performed well relative to the Russell 1000 Value. - We believe dividend growth was additive to our Equity Income strategy over the time periods studied, which is consistent with the data from Ned Davis Research. - As an investment team, we seek to accentuate the benefits of our investment process to deliver positive outcomes for clients.

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05.04.2023 • Andrew Richman, CTFA

Fed Raises 25 Basis Points But Sets the Table for a Possible Pause

In a move widely anticipated by the markets, the Federal Reserve (Fed) raised rates an additional 25 basis points to arrange of 5.00% to 5.25%. This is the highest in over 15 years and a 5.0% move in a little over 13 months.

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Press Release: Equity Personnel Updates

Today Sterling Capital announces the resignation of Joshua L. Haggerty, CFA®, Co-Portfolio Manager of the firm’s Special Opportunities strategy, effective immediately. Effective tomorrow, James L. Curtis, CFA® will be promoted to serve as Co-Portfolio Manager of the Special Opportunities strategy.

04.12.2023 • Charles Wittmann, CFA®

The Lead - "Equity Income Fund Wins Lipper Awards"

- In March, the Sterling Capital Equity Income Fund received two Refinitiv Lipper fund awards for the “Best Fund Over 3 Years” and the "Best Fund Over 5 Years” in the Equity Income Funds category. - First, we see the awards as confirmation that the investment team is managing its investments consistent with its stated mission. - Second, we recognize the winners are the clients who have been invested in Sterling Capital Equity Income over the past three and five years. - We are happy and excited that the true winners are our valued clients.

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Sterling Capital Equity Income Fund receives two 2022 Lipper Fund Awards

Sterling Capital Management is delighted to announce that our flagship Equity Income Fund received two Lipper Awards in the March 23, 2023 award ceremony in New York. Co-portfolio managers Chip Wittmann, CFA® and Jeremy Lopez, CFA®, were in attendance to accept this prestigious honor. The Equity Income Fund R6 Share Class (ticker: STREX) won in the three-year performance category, from a peer group of 390 equity income funds. The Equity Income Fund Institutional Share Class (ticker: BAEIX) won in the five-year category, from a peer group of 374 equity income funds.


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