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Sterling Capital


Above all else, Sterling Capital aims to provide long-term consistent investment performance.

Photo of Scott  Haenni

Scott Haenni

Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Alexander  McAlister

Alexander McAlister

President Emeritus

Photo of Robert  Bridges

Robert Bridges, CFA®

Chief Investment Officer

Photo of Mark  Montgomery

Mark Montgomery, CFA®

Chief Investment Officer

Photo of Maxwell  Anthony

Maxwell Anthony

Head of Institutional Distribution & Client Service

Photo of Brian  Baker

Brian Baker

Head of Equity Trading

Photo of Nathan  Benjamin

Nathan Benjamin

Head of Operations

Photo of Jason  Brown

Jason Brown

Chief Financial Officer

Photo of Whit  Clements

Whit Clements

Risk Advisor

Photo of Charles  Durham

Charles Durham

Chief Compliance Officer

Photo of Mary Weeks  Fountain

Mary Weeks Fountain, CFA®

Senior Portfolio Manager

Photo of James  Gillespie

James Gillespie

Head of Fund Administration

Photo of Tom  Gisondi

Tom Gisondi

Head of IT

Photo of Kristin  Jaerling

Kristin Jaerling

Head of Performance & Data Analytics

Photo of Griffith  Jones, Jr.

Griffith Jones, Jr.

Senior Equity Strategist

Photo of Brian  Martin

Brian Martin, CFP®, CIMA®

Head of National Accounts

Photo of John  McAuley

John McAuley, CIMA®

Head of Intermediary Distribution and Marketing

Photo of Jayme  McDonald

Jayme McDonald, CFP®

Head of Client Service & Analytics

Photo of Casey  McIntyre

Casey McIntyre, CFA®, CAIA®, CIPM®

Chief Operating Officer

Photo of Rebecca  Patel

Rebecca Patel

Compliance Manager

Photo of Allison  Pence

Allison Pence

Head of Marketing & Communications

Photo of Kevin  Peterson

Kevin Peterson, CFIRS®

Senior Risk Manager

Photo of Patrick  Rau

Patrick Rau, CFA®

Portfolio Manager

Photo of Andrew  Richman

Andrew Richman, CTFA

Senior Fixed Income Client Strategist

Photo of Jeffrey  Schappe

Jeffrey Schappe, CFA®

Chief Market Strategist

Photo of Whitney  Stewart

Whitney Stewart, CFA®

Client Portfolio Manager

Photo of Kevin  Stoll

Kevin Stoll, CFA®

Head of Quantitative Research and Analytics

Photo of Gerald  Van Horn

Gerald Van Horn, CFA®

Portfolio Manager

Photo of Robert  Weller

Robert Weller, CFA®

Co-Head of Factor Investing/Behavioral Finance and Portfolio Manager

Photo of James  Willis

James Willis, CFA®

Head of Advisory Solutions

Photo of Charles  Wittmann

Charles Wittmann, CFA®

Portfolio Manager

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