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Fixed Income

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Fixed Income Team

Sterling’s Fixed Income Team is led by Mark M. Montgomery, CFA® and work together in top-down analysis including duration, yield curve, and sector analysis.


  • Independent, fundamental research is the foundation of our investment process
  • We strive to deliver a predictable and understandable portfolio that produces a competitive rate of return and consistent income stream
  • Most individual investors purchase bonds for income, capital preservation, and diversification benefits; not for a short-term trade
  • Many sectors of the bond market are fragmented and inefficient, offering opportunities for selective investors

Low Cost
  • Reduced cost due to lower management fees than many others
  • Seek best execution at all times
  • Utilize automated trading platforms
  • Extensive dealer network

  • Real time access to portfolio holdings and trade activity
  • Understand sector and security exposures

  • Focus on more liquid sectors and securities
  • Greater liquidity improves pricing, enables rebalancing, and reduces transaction costs

  • Legacy low-basis holdings
  • Social concerns
  • Tax-loss harvesting

  • Never pay taxes on capital gains that you didn’t generate
  • Not subject to the potentially adverse impact of mutual fund inflows and outflows

Operational Efficiency
  • Simplified transition when hiring or removing managers
  • In-kind transfer of securities

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